Teacher Appreciation Week

What do teachers do?  What don’t they do may be the easier question.

This week schools across the nation are celebrating Teacher Appreciation Week.  Through hand written notes, heart felt gestures, and many other creative ways, teachers are being celebrated. They are being recognized for the time, passion, patience, caring, love, skill, energy, and the many other things that they give to their students every day.

Our Alward Parent Club celebrated teachers this morning by hosting a coffee bar.  Teachers were treated to  a latte, cappuccino, or a coffee of their choice courtesy of Mad Cap Coffee of Grand Rapids.  Our students added to the celebration with hugs, thank you’s, and some hand written notes.  There is more in store for teachers throughout the week!

Please join me, our Alward PTC, and our students in thanking our teachers for all that they do.  It is their dedication, love of students, love of learning, and commitment to families that creates the learning rich environment our students experience every day.

Thank you teachers.  We celebrate you this week, however, we appreciate you far beyond the reach of a school year.

With Gratitude,

Louise Moore

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